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come see us at the farm!

Beyond distilling, our 400-acre farmland is a canvas where nature, community, and tradition converge; inviting you to experience the spirit of Short Mountain.

Discover our disc-golf course and winding nature trails year round, or catch us next time we transform the land into a music festival and camping experience. It's nothing unusual for the farm to host a craft fair, car show, bike rally, and community pop-up fundraisers.

greenway walking trail

This is the mile long loop around the farm which will be open to the public and showcase the property’s natural assets and restoration efforts. Some features are: natural springs, flora and fauna exhibits, food forest, with more forthcoming.

music festivals & fairs

Be sure to check in on our events page often! We aim to offer immersive multi-media music festivals and art shows in the foothills of Tennessee whether it’s the Greenway Music Festival or our up and coming festival The Astral Project,

wetland restoration

Wildlife conservation and wetland restoration are at the helm of Short Mountain Distillery’s values. We will be teaming up with Ensafe and the EPA over the next few years to help restore the headwaters of Dry Creek. Be sure to visit often to catch the land bloom!

disc golf course

Come and enjoy our onsite disc golf course, anytime! We got multiple courses around the property. Map download available below.

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greenway tree sponsorship

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