Bret Hawkins reviewed Short Mountain Distillery — 5 Stars


"In the land of my Short Mountain ancestors, on the old Melton farm, dwells The Short Mountain Distillery. A beautiful, magical, wonderful place. People are great, food is delicious, 'Shine is fantastic. The tour is fun and enlightening. If you have not been- what the hell ya waiting for?"

Jenny Anderson reviewed Short Mountain Distillery —June 20 2016 5 Stars


"If you're a fan of shine, history, sustainability, good times, and great people, this is a stop you need to make . Be sure to take a tour and get the full story behind this craft distillery before sipping the shine. Knowing the care that goes into making the moonshine makes it all the more enjoyable."

Facebook Reviews-
 4.8 Stars of 5, 321 Reviews


Outdoor Still_001.jpg


William Cochran reviewed Short Mountain Distillery — 5 Stars


"For the past twenty + years, a gaggle of friends from high school and I have gathered annually for a "men's weekend," retreating to various locations around the southeast for a weekend of adventure and catching up. Our last such conclave was in Middle Tennessee, when we had the pleasure of visiting Short Mountain Distillery and dining at the Stillhouse Restaurant. The tour and the tasting were not only the highlights of our weekend, but also all of us agreed, one of the highlights of our many retreats over the years. Great tour, great food, and best of all, great moonshine. Thank you Billy!"


Josh Gillim reviewed Short Mountain Distillery - June 4 2016— 5 Stars


"I Remember back when they were first getting ready to start this moonshine idea and I never tried it because I know all store bought moonshine taste like piss, which is what I expected. However these dandy Lads from the ridge have outdone themselves with a moonshine that is actually moonshine and taste like moonshine and it's delicious as can be. Keep up the great work. I look forward to drinking more of your delicious spirits and I'm only sad that I waited so long."

Delaina Thompson reviewed Short Mountain Distillery — January 23 2015- 5 Stars


Our tour guide was full of knowledge and history of the area and the distillery. The different samples of whiskey we got to try were great! We walked up to the restaurant and had a delicious lunch. The view is amazing. We walked away with a souvenir shot glass and a T-shirt. Can't wait to go back.


Yelp Reviews-
12 out of 12 5 Star Reviews 
Sg W. Selmer, 8/25/2016- 5 Stars


This is a don't miss stop and tour if you're in the area. On second thought plan a trip here, period. A very informative tour with lots of detail,not just about the art of distilling but the area as well. The grounds are well kept and the onsite restaurant offers lovely views of the countryside. By the way their products are second to none. In fact no one else is close, at least not legally.

Neal A, Baltimore, 6/12/2016- 5 Stars


I thought I've had moonshine before, BUT apparently I was wrong. Found the tour deal on groupon and I figured...when in Tennessee... So a group of us went down to check it out. 

I was and still am thoroughly impressed with the in-depth teaching that Jeff provided. I love how they are a self-sustaining farm and distillery. Everything they grow goes into the moonshine and recycled. There is a distinct difference in the flavors and I have to say that their "select" is so delicious that I had to take home a couple bottles. 

I highly recommend Short Mountain! It's a great learning experience and a tasty one at that

Danielle V, Ferndale, MI- 5/15/2015- 5 Stars


This distillery was the highlight of our trip to Tennessee. My boyfriend and I visited this distillery surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains. The tour was very informative, given by the owner who was awesome, he even gave us a little taste of some of his bourbon aged with charred wood chips; very cool and different. I learned all I needed to know about distilling and the history of moonshining from this tour and this place definitely has a lot of that history! There's also a nice trail that you can walk on to see the water source they use, and that tour is led by the owner's doggie named Luna who followed us all the way to make sure we made it okay. Great place, great moonshine, great memories.

Alexis G, Los Angeles, CA-3/17/2015- 5 Stars


We toured Short Mountain last September and it was beautiful there. The staff was all very friendly, the tour was interesting and it ended with a tasting. Would definitely recommend this as a stop to both tourist and locals, this place is a real gem.

Trip Advisor-
 5 1/2 Rating out of 6.
61 Reviews

Kathy S

“Recommend ”

Reviewed July 25, Rating- Excellent 


One of the first places we visited when we moved to TN. We have taken friends & family here for tasting & tour. Small distillery with great employees! Always interesting & now that they have added the larger tasting room, it's even better. Love the stories of the history. The restaurant is excellent too, very good food & beautiful setting. Open 3 days a week, I think it's now Thursday- Saturday 11-4. My favorite is the Apple Pie moonshine!!



“great tour ”

Reviewed July 17, 2016, Rating- Excellent


we loved our tour of short mountain distillery. Jeff was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information about the distillery and the farm. Great tasting up at the stillhouse restaurant. We loved the apple pie moonshine. We had lunch there and that was great as well!


“Best Sweet Tea Moonshine!”

Reviewed July 13, 2016- Rating- Excellent


My wife and I were doing a southeastern trip and we were starting to head back home to Illinois and had to make our stop at our favorite moonshine distillery. We own lake front property on Center Hill Lake in nearby Smithville, so this wasn't our first time here. This is a regular stop to pick up our Sweet Tea Moonshine. The stuff is soo good I now have to pick up extra bottles for the folks back home! Still haven't done the tour yet or ate at the restaurant but hope to do it soon! You won't be disappointed with the shine!


Nicholas O

“Must See!!”

Reviewed May 4, 2016- Rating- Excellent


I recently moved to Nashville, and found a groupon for Short Mountain Distillery and was blown away! This is a must see for anyone who lives in middle TN or visiting Nashville for a weekend. It's only an hour from Nashville and is serene with a picturesque backdrop. The tour was fantastic and moonshine was even better!

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